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What benefits do our customers achieve?
Simuledge works across all organisational areas to enable business change. As a result, benefits achieved by our clients are diverse, including:

  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Improved Throughput
  • Capital Investment Optimisation
  • Bottleneck Identification and Resolution
  • Realisation of Best Practise
  • Service Level Improvement
  • Better utilisation of resources (labour and machines)
  • Validation of new processes prior to launch
  • Reduced product lead-times
  • Excellent justification of decision to executives

Major Features
Return on Investment
Simulation projects typically deliver a return on investment of over 200% within 6 months of concluding a project.

Excellent Justification of Decisions
By simulating a new process, company executives will be a lot more assured that the designed solution will work making capital justification much easier.

Elimination of Trial and Error
By simulating a process up to 12 months trial and error on the line can be eliminated. This makes simulation a basic requirement for any major investment project.

"What If " Analysis
You can use simulation to simulate a whole series of "What If " scenarios, e.g. machine breakdown, seasonal effects, absenteeism.

Quality Assurance
Simulation is the best methodology to provide assurance that a proposed solution will work.

Modelling of Lean Manufacturing, Just In Time, etc.
When implementing modern manufacturing techniques, simulation will identify potential snags that will arise and identify remedies.

Project Based Work
You get to use the service for a fixed cost on a project by project basis. This way you can manage your costs and we take care of skills retention.

Optimisation of Capital Spend
By simulating a new system you can be assured on the exact level of capital required, often saving significantly on initial plans.

Optimisation of Parameters
Solutions can be designed to optimise any specific parameter e.g. lead time, stock levels, staff levels.

Discrete Event and Continuous Flow Simulation
Both Discrete Event and Continuous Flow Simulation projects can be completed.

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